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Trip types and Grading Explained

Outdoor trips offer excellent views, serene surroundings and delightful paths however they are not without physical and mental challenges.

To help you choose the best trip we have graded them in four different categories There are a lot of factors which decide the grade of a trip such as altitude, technical challenges, terrain, and average temperature and hours of activity per day.
We recommend reasonable physical conditioning depending upon the trip you wish to enhance your experience.

Fixed camping based trips and trips involving modest physical activity fall under this category, most of our day hikes and cycling trips are graded easy introduce people to the world of adventure. On easy graded treks the altitude gain is not rapid and gradients are not very steep.
We recommend these trips to enthusiasts stepping into the world of adventure with the mountains.

These trips require a basic level of fitness however it is not necessary that you have previous Himalayan experience for them. They generally involve walking over trails over 4-5 hours per day with gradual ascents and descents, Moderate treks generally go up to an altitude of 4000 meters and they involve multiple days of camping in the wild.

Demanding treks involve long walks (sometimes more than 6 hours every day), the terrain becomes difficult as you might have to traverse glaciers and scramble over scree and prior experience of being on Himalayan treks is a prerequisite for such trips. The altitude generally ranges between 4000-5000 meters and these treks involve multiple days of camping in remote places.

Mountaineering expeditions and technical climb fall under such category, the conditions in challenging trips are extreme and might involve long and tough days especially on the days of the summit.

Some of Mountaineering expeditions demand a reasonable amount of mountaineering expeditions before they can be participated in and it’s always best if you have been part of a mountaineering course before such expeditions.

Participants have to carry their own sacks and also participate in team tasks such as load ferrying (carrying supplies between camps in range of 15-25 kg).

There is also considerable amount of exposure to high altitudes (>7000 meters) and extreme temperatures.

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