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Standard Packing List

We are sure you are looking forward to your Himalayan journey, the right gear not only makes a lot of difference in the comfort level of the trip it also ensures your safety from the forces of nature. Below is the list of essentials we expect you to carry when you report for the trek.

We also send you a list of “Things to Carry” when the booking is being done. In case you have any clarification you can reach us and we would clear the doubt for you.

Mountaineering expeditions and climb have technical items and special clothing involved, we recommend that you take specialist advice whenever you go and purchase such equipment, again we are just a call away if you have any confusion.

Below mentioned is a general list of packing equipment suitable for most Himalayan treks, of course you should clarify which equipment will choose your trek the best


  1. Backpack/Duffel (60-70 liters): Strong and sturdy with rain cover should ideally weigh between 6-8kgs when filled, the backpackis generally carried by porter or a mule. You can also use big duffel bags however hardtop suitcases need to be avoided

  2. Daypack (20-35 liters): A small daypack which you will carry t should be big enough to store essentials, change of clothes and water


  1. Trekking shoes: No sports shoes. The shoes need to have soles with good grip and ankle support. Make sure you break in your shoes before the trek. Some good brands are Quechua, Columbia and Merrel.

  2. Socks (Multiple pairs): combination of different pairs such as cotton, woolen, sports, ideally they should be high ankle


  1. Trek pants: Synthetic quick-dry pants are preferred as they are light.. Alternative: Cotton pant with many pockets / Track pants are comfortable too. Avoid Denim jeans, shorts or 3 quarters to trek.

  2. Wind and water proof jacket

  3. Collared t-shirts: Preferably light, full sleeve t-shirts. The collar and the sleeves prevent sun burns on the neck and arms.

  4. Fleece or light warm jacket

  5. Thick jacket:

  6. Thermal inners: 1 pair of lightweight, upper and lower (optional)


  1. Raincoat/poncho

  2. Balaclava and a warm cap

  3. Warm gloves preferably water proof

  4. Sun cap and warm cap

  5. Sunglasses

  6. Toiletries (Sunscreen – SPF 40+, moisturizer, light towel, lip balm/chap stick, small soap, toilet paper, wet tissue)

  7. Headlamp/LED torch: Mandatory

  8. Camera: Carry all accessories – spare batteries, charger, etc.

  9. Water bottle (good quality)

  10. Trekking pole as an optional but highly recommended

  11. Plastic covers: While packing, use plastic bags to compartmentalize things and carry few extra plastic bags for wet clothes.

  12. Personal medications


In addition, please carry the below three documents (you can also send them to us as mail attachments)

  1. Original and photocopy of government photo identity card- (driving license, voters ID, etc.)

  2. Passport Size photograph

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