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Outdoor Equipment and Mountain Bikes Rental

We have a wide range of outdoor equipment available for rent in Mussoorie, we provide quality
equipment at affordable rentals. We have high quality mountain bikes, Tent, sleeping bag & mats, Gas
stove, cooking sets which are available for Hire

Booking Procedure: In order to rent your desired equipment you would be required to fill up a rental form, along with it you would need to deposit the necessary security charge with an original government issued photo ID.

Please note: the equipment will only be issued and collected at the store premises


All rentals are subject to the following terms and conditions. Please review thoroughly before placing your order.

START DATE: The desired starting date submitted with your rental order should be the day you will come to pick up the gear in Mussoorie

END DATE: The desired end date submitted with your rental order should be the day you will come to drop-off the gear at our store in Mussoorie

RENTAL LENGTH: The rental length is the total length you are renting the gear, from start date to end date.

LATE CHARGES: If you do not deliver the gear by the agreed deposit date a late fees will be charged at the daily rate + 10% as administrative expenses

PRICES: Prices on the website are in rupees per day unless otherwise specified

CLEANING: We will clean all gear before delivery to you. You must return the gear to us free of mud and heavy dirt. Ideally, the gear must be dry before being deposited back. If not, then, please let us know.

DAMAGES: Our rental rate assumes a limited amount of wear which may occur with a rental use. However, rips, tears, excessive dirt or stains, mildew, or missing parts noted upon return will result in charges against your deposit for repair or replacement.

LOSS/THEFT/NON-RETURN: In case of loss or damage of the equipment, full market price will be recovered from the party concerned. In case of foreign equipment the latest catalogue price shall be charged after converting it into Indian currency value as on that day. In the absence of catalogue price, 200% of actual cost will be charged.

LIABILITY: You recognize and acknowledge that outdoor activities such as hiking and cooking with fire can be inherently dangerous and unpredictable. Yeti Outdoors is not responsible for any accidents that may arise from your activity or use of our gear, and you hereby agree to indemnify us from any claims, charges or costs arising from your use of our gear or any related activities.

While we will provide you gear as described in our product descriptions, we do not expressly or otherwise guarantee or warrant the gear for any specific performance or purpose other than as it is described. If any item of gear malfunctions or otherwise fails to perform its described functions, our maximum liability to you is the rental value paid for the item.

CHANGES TO THESE TERMS and CONDITIONS: Yeti Outdoors reserves the right to modify or enhance these terms and conditions or any information at any time. Changes are effective immediately upon posting to this site.

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