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Terms of Contract

We would be delighted to organize the adventure of your dreams however before we proceed with the booking, we request you to go through the terms and conditions of the agreement.  Whenever a booking is done by you (bookings also made on behalf of other guests) and is accepted by Yeti Outdoors we enter into a legally binding contract in which you accept the terms and conditions of the agreement along with tour inclusions and exclusions.  Yeti Outdoors will not undertake any liability on the account of authenticity of the information provided by you.


Bookings done with more than 61 days or more prior to trip commencement: If you are booking a tour before 60 days of departure a booking amount which is 50% of the tour cost shall be given on the acceptance and confirmation of all the services and signing of the confirmation

The Balance Payment needs to be deposited 30 days prior to trip commencement: Bookings done within 60 days or less prior to trip commencement: 100 % of the tour cost needs to be submitted on the acceptance and confirmation of all the services and signing of the confirmation.



Cancellations made before 60 days will qualify for a full refund after deducting bank/credit card charges if applicable. Thereafter, refund shall be made as follows:

  • 50% of the total amount charged if canceled 30 days prior the trip

  • 75% of the total amount charged if Canceled 2 weeks prior the trip

  • 100% Cancellation charge in if canceled less than 2 weeks of travel/postponement of the trip / no show.

Refunds and Additional Services

  • There are no refunds/Discounts for services not utilized under the contract due to any changes in schedule which are made by the guest, we would surely consider the policy of participating hotel, transporter and external service provider in case a refund is possible

  • Request for refunds shall be considered only if they are submitted within 10 days of trip completion

  • Yeti Outdoors reserves the right to charge you for any additional services requested on the tour which are not a part of tour inclusions and invoice and payments of such services shall be made during or immediately after trip completion. Additional expenses on account of bad weather and reasons beyond the control of tour operator will also be chargeable


Before the booking of trip we provide you with detail of tour inclusions and exclusions, either through a quote or with details on the website. The package prices are in Indian rupees or US dollars. We at Yeti Outdoors try our best not to change the price of tour however under certain exceptional circumstances such as change in Gov’t permissions, exchange rate fluctuations or fixed charges Yeti Outdoors reserves the right to change the tour prices in part or full

Delay/Cancellations and change in Tour Plans

Yeti outdoors reserves the right to cancel any trip prior to departure due to unforeseen circumstances including the reason of less than adequate number of bookings for the tour however if a tour is cancelled due to less than adequate number of bookings the booked guests are entitled to refund of the booking amount. However you are not entitled to any further claims for loss, expenses or any inconvenience which may result from such cancellations (airline bookings and taxes, gear purchase included). There is also a possibility of changes in route, postponement or delay in departure or duration of the trip due to unforeseen circumstances such as weather, snow and ice conditions in such an event, participants have no right to refund of the tour price (in whole or in part) or other compensation for any injury, loss or damage arising due to such changes. Yeti Outdoors will not be liable for compensation/refund in case of cancellation/Change in trip itinerary arising due to unforeseen circumstances which may be categorized under force majeure such as war, riots, industrial disputes, political restrictions, adverse weather conditions or any other unforeseen circumstances

Decision making

As per the term of contract you need to abide by the authority of the leader, your own safety and welfare of the whole team lies upon his/her shoulders. The decision taken by the trip leader in all respects would be final and binding. You may be asked to discontinue the tour without any entitlement to refund in case the leader feels that your general wellbeing might be at risk through continuation of the trip.

Travel Insurance

You must be covered with comprehensive insurance for the complete duration of your trip which should provide you with adequate cover in case of medical expenses, injury or death. In emergency situations their might be a need of evacuation either by foot, helicopter or otherwise.  The responsibility of payments for such costs lie directly with you. Also expenses arising through hotels, food, and transportation due to such scenario are the guest’s responsibility. We also do not take any responsibility of loss arising due to damage, theft, accident to any luggage or property

We on our end do not check insurance policies however we reserve the right to cancel the trip in case of inadequate insurance. 

Assumption of risk and Indemnity Agreement

Yeti Outdoors conducts adventure trips which has inherent risks and dangers involved, after going through the process of booking and acknowledging the all the terms and conditions I waive all claims arising in present and future against the officers, employers, guides and representatives including agents of Yeti Outdoors Pvt ltd which might arise due to injury, death, damage to property or loss during the adventure trip. Also during the course of the trip in case of injury or illness I give Yeti Outdoors Pvt ltd the full right to arrange evacuation and/or medical treatment.

Also I have read this waiver of liability and terms of contract and fully understood its terms. I also acknowledge that I am signing/booking this agreement voluntarily with my own free will.

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